A strange behavior can be observed among those talented individuals that  represent the future hope of the free economy in Germany: they work pro bono - free of charge and for the public good to benefit organizations in the social sector.

At first it looks like the work of confused individuals without any logic behind it. Yet the phenomenon is spreading. Networks are emerging.

The Interior Ministry decides to establish a special commission with special privileges - the Special Commission for Logical Issues, short SOKO Logic. After some initial investigations it becomes clear very quickly that there is more behind those do-gooders.

After the arrest of Bernhardt Schmitt, the investigations are taking on a concrete shape. Behind the superficial social commitment, the SOKO Logic detects Schmitt's seemingly deceitful effort to establish a criminal organization. It remains unclear, however, what exactly the objectives of this supposed organization are.

What seems obvious, in contrast, is that these new forms of professional social engagement - not only pro bono, but also in the field of social entrepreneurship - pose a threat to our individualistic society based on self-interest.

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